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> (31 dec. 2014) Shipping cost fall : good news, following oil price fall, our carrier DHL dropped significantly its prices. If you have a pending quotation, please ask for an update. We might be able to offer you a discount if your quotation is older than two months.

> (01 dec. 2014) We have a new release of our flagship amp the DOGE 9, it comes with our PAB autobias and several other improvements. Only for export. Its new name is DOGE 9 PAB.

> (01 dec. 2014) Our new DOGE 8 LP is available in black alu finish and silver alu finish. Only for export

> (28 dec. 2013) About Doge 6 "Clarity" and Doge 8 "Clarity" versions : ... read more

> (20 dec. 2013) DOGE announces the launch of its new Prima Donna 88, an extraordinary integrated... read more


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