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Welcome at

We are pleased to inform you that continues his service under

a new management. Our goal remains the same, to offer you a wide range of High End

products at very attractive prices and with a first class customer service.

We are currently working on a new version of our website which will

offer a better user experience. The new site will open

in the mid of September. If you want to be informed when the new

website will be opened, just send us an email.

For any inquiry, quotation, support request, we are at your service from now on.

please contact us at :



At Pacific Valve, we love tubes and we believe that no solid state amp can the reach sound performance of tube amplifier. As a result, most of our products include vacuum tubes. We offer :

 - integrated tube amplifiers       - power tube amplifiers

 - hybrid integrated amplifiers     - tube preamplifiers,

 - tube headphone amplifiers      - tube CD players

 - DACs                                    - power conditioners

From now on, we offer for sale :

• All DOGE range of amplifiers, preamplifiers and CD player

• All Audio-GD range of DACs, amplifiers & preamplifiers

BADA hybrid amplifiers, BABA cables & BABA power conditioners

MINGDA MC3008-A / MC34-AB / MD-300-APS

YAQIN buffer CD1, Yaqin amplifiers MS-500B and MS-650B

• & many exciting other products that you will discover in coming weeks.


Until the new version of the website is ready, don't hesitate to write us for a quote: